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My Son Changed Their Mind — Can He Go To A university He Already Declined?

My son deposited at an university back in but now he is interested in attending one of the schools he already declined april. I realize he is able to phone and get should they still have actually room, but I am wondering exactly how better to approach that.

Your son needs to work with this right away, needless to say. But he can make a quick check of the National Association for College Admission Counseling’s “Options for Qualified Students” list before he does anything else.

Right Here, he may have the ability to find out if the college he now really wants to attend is still accepting freshmen. If this college’s title is on the list, there’s a chance that is excellent your son can enroll ( but with the knowing that you’ll lose the deposit you built in April). Nonetheless, in the event that school is NOT with this list, that’s not a deal-breaker that is automatic. To begin with, don’t assume all university provides vacancy information to NACAC. Furthermore, even though this institution is not formally seeking freshmen that are additional it’s feasible they might still start thinking about an applicant who was currently accepted. In just about any situation, it is worthwhile for the son to begin the method with a few inkling of what to expect, particularly if their target school IS on the NACAC roster.

Their step that is next should to telephone the admission workplace at this college and get to speak to their regional representative. ( The local rep is the employee who oversees all candidates from your son’s senior high school.) If their regional rep isn’t available (and won’t be available later in the day), he can quickly explain his situation and ask to talk with a various admission officer. Read the rest of this entry »

Advice for the true Home Schooler Starting the Admissions Process

My daughter is completing grade that is eleventh and I’ve been home schooling her for 2 years. So she visited school that is public ninth grade then was house schooled for the remaining of senior high school. I am aware how to sign her up for the SAT/ACT, but the rest about university is just a small bit vague if you ask me. Will colleges only view her freshman year grades since that’s when she was in public college? Or will in addition they go through the grades we give her? And then are there things colleges have a look at in order to make choices on home schooled students since their parents assign their grades (for example, exist extra essays? Are essays/SATs weighted more, etc.?) Any advice for signing up to university as a home schooler could be helpful.

There is a huge amount of information online for college-bound home-schooled students and their parents, including A college that is entire confidential forum devoted to home-schooling. This is usually a place that is great get your certain concerns answered the moment they appear since there are numerous veteran home-schooling families whom participate. You can also find lot of information with Bing in just about any corner of cyberspace. That’s presuming, needless to say, that cyberspace really has corners. It all feels virtually just like a black opening to ‘The Dean.’ But, before you start falling down that opening yourself, here are answers to your current questions, in addition to a few other ideas:

Read the rest of this entry »

Adjusting to university For all of you newly graduated college-bound senior school seniors, you are regarding the verge of a great adventure: advanced schooling. Besides the fact that most of you will end up attending an university overseas, that may require you to cope with the excitement of self-reliance, you will end up entering a completely brand new academic and social environment that will test thoroughly your capacity to adjust.

Often, the unexpected immersion into this new realm are like leaping in to a colder-than-expected pool. The surprise may be, well, shocking. I have experienced this transition myself and, vicariously, with my two children. I saw the starkly other ways in which my son and daughter managed their change to college due to the sharp variations in their characters and temperaments.

I have a favorite saying that has assisted me cope with life: There’s a big difference between expectation while the moment of truth. The ‘moment of truth’ normally referred to as truth. I don’t know where We first heard this wisdom. Maybe I created it myself. The main point is that it is true, never way more compared to the journey from senior school to college. What your imagination may produce when it comes to expectation will likely be miles (maybe years that are even light far from the realities you experience on campus. Exactly why is that?

First of all, we must think about the charged power of anticipation. Exactly What college-bound senior school senior hasn’t daydreamed about walking for an ivy-covered campus within a crisp, sunny, fall day, headed to the football stadium, a concert or perhaps a Nobel Prize-winning professor’s course? Read the rest of this entry »



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